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CNN’s Jeanne Moos is a fan of giant celebrity pumpkins (who isn’t?!?). Below is the story she did on Jeanette and 2018’s PumpYEkin, the pumpkinization of Kanye West.

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Here are some instances of Paras Pumpkins in the media this year:

He doesn’t mention her by name, but at the 48-second mark of Jimmy Fallon’s monologue, see if you catch the reference to ‘…a woman in Ohio (who) painted a 315-lb. pumpkin to look like Kanye West…’ We all know who Jimmy is talking about. Take a look.



In the media in 2016 :

CNN Celebrity PumpkinsCNN

In the media in 2015 :

In 2015, the ‘Trumpkin’ took the world (or at least the World Wide Web) by storm garnering coverage in Europe, Asia and in the major U.S. media. For 36 hours, the ‘Trumpkin’ was the top Trending Topic among Facebook’s 1.4 billion users.