Trumpkin's Posse

Trumpkin is back and this time he's brought friends - Clintkin and Putkin - in a crazy election year.


Trumpkin in the Headlines

This giant pumpkin, weighing 374 lbs. and took 10 hours to create, made headlines around the world.


Meet the Artist

Jeanette Paras has been creating giant celebrity pumpkins for decades.


Many Celebrities. Many Faces.


Why Giant Pumpkin Faces?

"I do this because it makes me laugh and at the same time it makes a lot of other people laugh too!" - Jeanette


A tradition that has become an international phenomenon

For more than 30 years, Jeanette Paras has been creating giant celebrity pumpkins in the studio (aka ‘garage’) of her Dublin, Ohio home. It is a labor of love, a passion and a Halloween tradition ... that has become an international phenomenon.

Hours of Painting in 90 Seconds

RudyKin and The Joker come to life in another time-lapse video of the pumpkinizing process - with just a hint of madness at the end.

Got A Minute? Sure You Do.

Take a look at the pumpkinizing process in this time-lapse video of Jeanette painting PumpYEkin. Seven hours of work encapsulated in 80 seconds.

Pumpkinizing 2017

Here is the first-ever “behind the scenes” look at how the ‘pumpkinizing’ is done in Jeanette’s studio. PumpKim Jong Un and the Annoyed Minion come to life in this time-lapse video.

In 2016, Donald Trumpkin returned and this time, he brought friends. Hillary Clintkin and Vladimir Putkin are here with the Trumpkin to remind you that every vote counts.

Paras Pumpkins in the media


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